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Junior product manager

We are looking for a Junior Product Manager who will help the team to close the gap on the market volume and the pains of our customers
What to do
We have two products and both work on the international market. You will have a lot to do with Customer Development - to communicate with clients, find the pain, and transform it into features. Consider the market TAM-SAM-SOM, since we work worldwide, it is necessary to count a lot, find information. Actively participate in product life at all stages. In general, a lot of cool and exciting work for those who want to go through all stages and steps of the product is a great start
What you need to do in more detail
  • Communicate with customers around the world;
  • Collect feedback, synthesize it into features and be able to track their success;
  • Analyze competitors;
  • Calculate the market volume, observe and identify trends;
What do we offer
  • No bureaucracy;
  • A high degree of freedom in work;
  • The ability to work anywhere in the world;
  • A salary in the market;
  • Medical Insurance, training, team building, conferences, books;
  • Various digital goods, like compensation for Spotify, LeetCode, etc;
  • A+ class office located in Moscow City business district;
  • The ability to relocate (decided)
Candidate requirements
  • 0+ years of product experience, but know many theory about product development;
  • Passionately strive to learn new things;
  • Be independent, and responsible;
  • Love the client and defend his interests. We have a customer-centric approach
  • Not necessarily, but I hope you know what it is: JBTD, RAT, DHM, Product Led Growth, Unit-economy and others
  • You are super curious, you know about every new startup, a regular Betalist, ProductHunt, Techcrunch, etc.
  • Experience in Excel;
  • Know mathematic and statistic. You understand different between mean and median;
  • Your English is at the conversational level. Customers: Europe and USA
As a plus
  • You know what it blockchain and DeFi is;
  • You know what it is to be a product manager;
  • You have pet product;
  • You have tried to start a business yourself
You can write directly to @sdorofeev on Telegram.
Full-time job
Remote / office
Office in Moscow City
Various perks
Competitive salary
UTC +3:00 (Moscow)
Apply now!
Apply now!
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