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All your crypto life in one place

Get a helicopter 🚁 overview of all your crypto assets with portfolio 
💵, market overview📈, news 📰 and many more

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The Watch - the essence


Data protection
 & security

Your data is imported from exchanges via read-only APIs, and from wallets via public addresses

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Bell and check ticker

Set your own 
price alerts

We will alert you when the asset you are interested in reaches
a certain value

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Scheme with point on the top

Always stay up 
to date

Automatic imports from the exchanges and wallets you use to give you all the relevant information you need

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Information on all your crypto assets lying on all wallets and exchanges in a single interface

  • Connect Wallets
 & Exchanges

    The ability to quickly and easily connect any account

  • Everything is in one place

    All the data is at your fingertips, just go to The Watch

  • Super fast and secure

    Fast and secure wallet connection model

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Now you can easily measure the success of investing in each of the coins in your portfolio

The Watch account mockup
  • Beat  the market

    Clear and short analytics on the most profitable cryptocurrencies

  • Useful charts

    Convenient and useful graphs will allow you to quickly assess the situation

  • Own risk profile

    Let's tell you which assets fit your profile

Get to know the market

Now you can easily measure the success of investing
in each of the coins in your portfolio

  • All types of market

    All the trending directions of the market. Simple and convenient

  • Useful alerting system

    Timely notification is the key to a successful transaction

  • Visual comparison

    A single market map, convenient analytical dashboards

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Our features

Attache case

Connect wallets & exchanges
 to your portfolio

Check your portfolio in real time across exchanges and blockchain wallets

SpotWallet connection mockup
SpotWallet connection mockup

Track your entire portfolio and manage your accounts

Total value, balance for each cryptocurrency and its proportion among your whole portfolio


Track the moments
 of buying and selling

Stay up to date with all the events

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SpotTransactions mockup

Track your transactions

Both for the entire portfolio,
and for a single account


Learn more about cryptocurrencies

Get detailed information on each cryptocurrency:

  • Historical chart
  • General information
  • The list of transactions for the selected cryptocurrency
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Real Stories from Real Customers

Get inspired by these stories

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This is by far the best app I've seen. It works fast, it’s convenient, and best of all – it is actually user friendly – and that’s a rare quality among apps like these. Kudos to the development team for actually caring about their users and providing an interface that’s easy to read and navigate.


Probably the best portfolio app for tracking crypto portfolios. The interface is easy to read, it displays plenty of information, and it makes conducting transactions a breeze. I honestly recommended it to all crypto holders and traders, no matter what their level of experience might be.


The slickest app of this sort on the market and clearly the choice for users looking for go-to all-in-one solutions. The app does most of the work by itself and just lets you focus on the more important things like planning. Great work all in all.


This is portfolio tracking at its best. The design is there, the ambience of the interface makes you feel not only in control, but as if you’re actually in some high-tech environment for a change, not a clunky Windows application. The functionality and the convenience are here and I actually started figuring out how portfolio management can and should be without hopping between different apps.


The user interface is where this app truly shines. It makes managing multiple crypto assets a walk in the park. I really loved the way all the key information was always at the forefront. A round of applause to the devs who proved that such a crypto app is possible.