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We make blockchain seamlessly accessible to developers, by building effective and easy-to-use solutions for blockchain-based payment services and their analytics.

We founded TheWatch in 2020 — over the past years we built a skilled team that continues to grow rapidly. Together we strive to provide best-in-class solutions for on-chain data analysis and deliver modern customer experience within the fintech industry.
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Our products

Technologies we use

To build our solutions we use the most modern tech stack and are always open for the new technologies.

Our infrastructure stack

Kubernetes/Helm, Clickhouse, Neo4j, Postgres, Redis, Kafka, Gitlab CI, Sentry, Elastic, Filebeat, Kibana

Our technical stack for Front-end Developer

TypeScript, React (Create React App), Redux, Redux Observable, Formik, Yup, material-ui, NodeJS, Koa2, Sass

Python Developer technical stack

Python 3.8, Pytest, Fastapi, SQLAlchemy, Alembic

Kotlin Developer technical stack

Kotlin, Java, Spring, Spring-cloud, Netflix-stack etc, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Ingress etc, Gitlab-ci, Rabbit, Kafka

Our values and principals

We at TheWatch strive to focus not only on the development of the company but on the development of our employees likewise. Every team member has power in the decision-making, and everyone can have an impact on the future of the company.

Product Led Growth

We believe the use of our products is the main vehicle to acquire, activate, and retain customers

Customer Centric Strategy

We work hard to maximize service and product offerings, creating the best experience for our customers

Engineering-Driven Culture

We are sure engineers greatly influence the product, and we support them in their thrive and growth

Open Communication

We empower our employees to share their thoughts without any fear of repercussions and that’s how we figure out our next steps to the success

Start-to-Finish Ownership

We always think globally and deeply commit to each project

Fast-Paced Environment

We move between tasks continuously and carry out multiple duties and responsibilities at the same time, and that’s how we succeed

Watchblock is about analysis, data, market intelligence and blockchain. We can be considered as a SaaS product that operates worldwide. Our main market and target audience is mostly B2C and less B2B

Team collaboration tools that we use

To make our work productive and effective, we use the best tech tools available on the market

For async communication

For sync communication

Our Wiki and knowledge base

Our task tracker with prioritization

We have a hybrid system of work and do not require our employees to work from the office

You can work from any place in the world and visit our office anytime

We empower people to take the initiative, set objectives, and achieve them

We motivate our employees to constantly develop and extend their expertise

Work hard, play hard

We believe in the power of a good rest: after a productive work, do not forget to relax.


We provide paid vacations over the course of a year


We give 10 more days our employees can be absent without giving any reason

We take care of our employees and strive to improve their lives in various ways

We allocate a fixed amount of the yearly budget for the education of each team member: you can spend it for different conferences and courses

And we provide any professional
and business-related books
at the expense of the company

We also compensate various
digital goods: Spotify, LeetCode,
and others on demand

We offer a competitive salary,
medical insurance, and team buildings

We provide a high degree of freedom
in work and an ability to work anywhere
in the world

We value both our and your time, so the process of joining the team is rather simple


Call with the team leader

Describe your work experience and hard skills


Short call with the CEO

He needs to make sure you share our values


Assignment to test your skills 


Demo day

You work one test day in the team, we pay for it in full 


Job offer

You receive a job offer with all the details


And then you become a part of our team!

Our team gained expertise working with industry leaders such as

To make the working progress transparent and effective, we built the following internal processes

Weekly planning to set priorities and distribute tasks ahead of the week

Daily meetings with your team to sync on the tasks 

Performance review for you to get feedback from your team lead

Regular meetings to discuss your progress and the skills you need to develop

Feeling like you're one of us?

Then join TheWatch team!
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